Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Gaye dinon ke barey mein sochta hoon
To kuch galtiyaan yaad aati hain
Afsos bhi hota hai, thodi sharm bhi aati hai
Ki kaise khud ko samajhne mein bhool ho jati hai
Aur rishton ke dhaage ulajh jate hain
Nadani nahin, unhe galtiyaan hi maanta hoon

Kafi pani beh chuka shayad
ab samay hai be-rok
khuli saans mein, Seedhi baat hoye
maine raftar dheemi kar di hai
Zindagi ke kuch uljhe huye dhaagon ko
Ek baar phir, suljhana chahta hoon


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chala karta hoon

Chala karta hoon main sunsaan sadak par

Shayad sirf wohi ek rasta janta hoon

Nahin janta ki woh jati hai kidhar

Woh ghar hai mera, itna janta hoon

Parchayee hi keval saath chalti hai

Chichla ek dil, mera hi dhadakta hai

Chahta hoon ki koi mujhe le dhoond

Tab tak, akela chala jata hoon


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thought of You

Walking down the shore
enjoying the smooth breeze
I tossed a pebble and harmonized
a diminishing trail of footsteps

I spotted you approaching
With grace and joy on our feet
Warm affection in your eyes so sweet
And a spirit upbeat
“Sweet Heart” said the t-shirt
Skirt danced on tinkle of the anklet
You smelled of blooming flowers
As it invited the wind to cheer

The wave below my feet retreated
Creating a void to be satiated
Heads turned and eyes locked
Hey! A smile passed

As we crossed, I slowed to turn
Only to watch her carry-on
That was a moment with a whimsical hue
I still have sand in my shoes
And I cannot shake the thought of you.


Saturday, January 3, 2009


Kabhi kabhi aisa hota hai
Aankhon ke samne ek sarmad roop dikhta hai
Kuch dhundhla, pila-narangi mila jula sa
Ek khush, munavvar shaistah chehra
Par choone ko jab haanth hoon badhata
To pal mein dhuan hota hai

Sochta hoon usey, dhondhta hoon usey
Khwabon mein, khayalon mein
Saahil pe bichi khamosh ret ke har kan mein
Aasamaan mein udatey khush badalon mein
Baarish ki tapakti har safee boond mein
Aur, sahn-e-chaman mein khile har phool mein

Chand ko muskurane ko bolta hoon
Khamosh hawa ke saath paigaam bhejta hoon
Khhuda se yehi fariyaad karta hoon
Usse roo-ba-roo hone ka intezaar karta hoon

Sunday, November 23, 2008

T(h)ree-some ...

I am a witness to their renascent love for each other
Bonding as strong as iron, smooth as fur
To the infinte ruminatory moments they have shared
and to the honest sentient hearts they have bared

One day waiting for her, he found
A sharp edged blade on the ground
Thinking to express his love, it didnt take long
He engraved her name, bold and strong

Though I was hurt, deep to the core
But the weight of his love was more
Responsibly, I dropped a flower as a gesture
To empathise with him without a fetter

She was thrilled to see their love painted artistically
And I bloomed when they kissed each other passionately
Seeing their sempiternal love, I vowed to treasure
On my bark shall reminisce, their love forever

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sitting in one of the GOAn shacks
I witness the sea, lined in tracks
With sequences of waves lashing in crests and trough
Similar to Life, in patches both smooth and rough

The golden reflection of the Sun in sight
Illuminates the heated water, dark and bright
Exposing the ruffle and movement inside
Against the cool and unmoved - unlit side
The shimmering and rumblings in highlight
In life, reminds me of the constant fight
We put, to get ourselves noticed with a gong
Missing the happiness in simply swaying along

Cool breeze whizzing through gives a feel
Inviting to witness the beauty, sea has to reveal
To enter the vast unending expanse of the sea
Identify yourself around and set oneself free
And explore its shades and depths
With both smiles and deep breaths

Monday, October 27, 2008

Those were the days...

Today when I turn around, I find
Loads of memories in the hind
I would bring them back if I could
The days of school, college and childhood

Going to school in uniform, ironed and neat
If un-polished shoes, then its mom’s beat
Screaming and halting the bus for he is late
Discussing what’s in tiffin without any wait
Realizing that I forgot to do my homework
Finishing it while others behave as dork
Exclusively enjoying the rasna in her water bottle
Singing songs together in the library in full throttle
Those summer vacations with months of chutti
Reading comics, playing and cycling around the city

Career planning in college and growing-up talks
Sharing of secret dreams on those long walks
Unclear on which career path to tread
Everyone sprinkling gyaan on how to earn bread
Eyeing a girl for long not knowing what to say
With everyone pulling-the-leg for play
Lending clothes and borrowing their bike to ride
Zooming in style round her with pride
Bunking classes and taking her out for movies
For unedited stories, friends covering me with proxies
Toiling through the night before exams, thoroughly harrowed
With copies of xerox-ed lecture from friends, that too borrowed
Playing football under the street light
Chatting and making up spooky stories in the night

Those would be the days, if I were to choose
Full of anecdotes and moments to muse
Filling the spaces of time with lovely memories
Of masti, laughter, emotions and certainly vagaries